Main trends in economic and social development of Belarus in October 2013

04.11.2013 г.

 Belarus in International Ratings and Domestic Statistics

Facts and figures as of October 2013


The National Statistics Committee reports that in January — September 2013 as compared to the same period of the previous year Belarus recorded:

- a GDP growth of 1.1 percent;

- a 9.3 percent increase in the capital investments;

- growth in real disposable income of population of 18.8 percent and real wages of 19.5 percent.

The registered unemployment as of the end of September 2013 was 0.5 percent of the economically active population (end of September 2012 – 0.6 percent).


Belarus was listed 63rd among 189 countries (64th in 2013) in the report of the World Bank and the International Financial Corporation entitled “Doing Business 2014: Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises.” The country rankings were formed based on 10 indicators. Belarus occupied the following positions:

·               Starting a business—15th place (20th in the report from the previous year)

·               Paying taxes— 133 (135)

·               Trading across borders— 149 (150)

·               Registering property— 3 (3)

·               Dealing with construction permits— 30 (37)

·               Getting credit— 109 (105)

·               Enforcing contracts— 13 (13)

·               Protecting investors— 98 (95)

·               Getting electricity— 168 (175)

·               Resolving insolvency— 74 (56)

Belarus looks attractive if compared to Russia (ranked 92) and Ukraine (112), but loses to its Customs Union and Common Economic Space partner Kazakhstan (50).


The respectable Italian periodical Il Mondo published on 22 October 2013 excerpts from the report on Belarusian economy prepared by the department for world economy of the major Italian banking group Intesa Sanpaolo, which states that “an economic growth of approximately 2 percent is expected in Belarus during the two coming years against the background of very favourable external factors”, while “in 2014—2015, the volumes of foreign trade in goods will keep increasing by an average of 5.4 percent a year”.

Intesa Sanpaolo experts also note that “compared to the countries with the same credit rating, Belarus demonstrates an enhanced per capita income, a low budget deficit, possesses a vast industrial base (though with equipment needing substantial investment) and highly-skilled workforce.”


According to the data of the International Telecommunication Union, Belarus occupies 41st place by the ICT Development Index (46th place last year) out of 157 countries of the world (Korea leads in the ranking) and surpasses all the CIS countries, except Russia (40) — Kazakhstan (48), Moldova (65), Ukraine (68).

Belarus is placed 6th in the ranking of the changes in the ICT development index value (by absolute values).

Belarus comes 65th in the ranking dealing with the price basket for ICT services, losing only to Russia and Kazakhstan among the CIS countries.


According to the report “Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed – Progress Report 2013” published by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the mortality rate for children under 5 years of age has reached in Belarus the coefficient of 5 (per 1000 live births), which constitutes the best indicator in the CIS countries. Belarus is ranked by this index at the same level with Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, it outstrips Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, the USA, Turkey, Montenegro.


Belarus is ranked 66th out of 150 countries in the UN World Happiness Report. Data from opinion polls (in particular, from the agency Gallup) and the results of international and country research over the period from 2004—2005 till the present time were used when estimating the level of happiness.

The level of happiness is measured by a 10-point scale, with 10 being the highest possible indicator. The indicator for Belarus equals to 5.504 and is comprised of the basic index, and to a bigger extent— of relatively high GNP’s per capita and the level of social support.

The neighboring and partner countries were ranked as follows: 51. Poland (5.822); 57. Kazakhstan (5.671); 68. Russia (5.464); 71. Lithuania (5.426); 72. Estonia (5.426); 87. Ukraine (5.057); 88. Latvia (5.046); 93. China (4.978).

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